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AL Amjad Al Oula Est (Trading - Contracting - Industrial)

Product is key at AOTC's. That's we take pride in products we serve Contractors and End Users. In additional, AOTC's has implemented products Safety standards and processes , meet all applicaple goverment and international Standards.

power & control

we strive to do everthing possible to make your experience at AOTC's one


Green Energy Solution (GES) is a total renewable energy system provider.

DC System

AOTC products include Industrial battery chargers, rectifiers,    

Technical Support

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Our Work

AOTC is a leader in Power and Automation Technologies Products and system designing "Innovation is mean reason AOTC is a leader in Power & Control Contracting & Design"

We Are Almjad Aloula

DC System Solution
AOTC has been providing reliable power conversion AOTC products include Industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, UPS, Invertors any many more.
Green Energy Solution
Green Energy Solution (GES) is a total renewable energy system provider. We have partnered with the words top manufactures in Solar, LED and HVAC to offer our clients a complete solution to significantly decrease or eliminate thier current bill.
Power & Control Solution
Most of the projects we undertake pertain to Substation Work, Electrical Panels, Internal and External Electrification, LT & HT Cabling and Termination, Overhead Transmission Lines, Overhead Transmission Towers, Main and Sub-main Switch Boards, Earthing, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Lighting in Parks, Instrumentation System,


-Founded in 2006, Al amjad Al Oula for Trading & Contracting (AOTC) to provide the highest quality power,Control & Green Energy products and on time services for EPC, Installers and End users projects around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

-AOTC Strict Quality Control regimen during the Manufacturing process guarantees exceptional Performance and reliability.

-we are focused on improving our sevices efficiency. We are continually developing new solutions to provide additional value to our portfolio of energy offering.

To Contact us

  • Al Amjad Al Oula ( AOTC) Riyadh Malaz Area, Al Ahssa Street  P.O. Box 1648 Riyadh 11441, Saudi Arabia .
  • +966 (11) 4784955
  • +966 (11) 4783755
  • +966 (5) 5 563 5523
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