Solar Energy


- Depending on your needs and where you are, AOTC has a variety of Solar Power systems that could work for you. We Specialize in all Solar  applications from small commodities to customized.

- We can provide and install solar panels small enough to power small devices or big enough to power a building. All customized depending on your Requirements.


Some of Products:

  •  A variety of Solar Street and garden light .
  •  A variety of solar warning signs .
  •  Solar Lighting unipole .
  •  Solar Water Pump .
  •  Solar Thermal Pool heating system .
  •  Solar water heating system .
  •  Providing Solar Energy for Telecommunication Towers .



- Cost : Being solar powered, these are most economical, reasonably priced, almost maintenance free and saving on electricity billing, and form a good choice over conentional lights and devices for long term use. With advancement in technology, these can work even on cloudy days.

- Convenience : A single solar panel can charge several individual solar lights and devices. An automatic on/off switch frees you from setting and coordinating complicated timers.