- Our comprehensive range of storage batteries is complemented by the very latest charging methods and monitoring units to form complete systems .

- With this systems approach it is our aim, as a value-based, independent family enterprise, to continue our growth in the market for industrial battery systems, in terms of both quantity and quality .


- An Uninterruptible Power Supply provides an emergency back-uppower source in the event of the mains supply either failing or dropping.

- There are of course several reasons why we may need back-up power;notably a break in the electricity supply or hardware failure.

- Either event can be catastrophic if we are using our PC or running a server but a UPS that kicks in immediately can prevent any damaging loss of data.


  • Green Energy Solution (GES) is a total renewable energy system provider.
  • We have partnered with the words top manufactures in Solar, LED and HVAC to offer our clients a complete solution to significantly decrease or eliminate thier current bill. GES realized early on that busines and consumers needed a complete solution not a single system approch.
  • We help our clinets by giving them the best advice and instruction on how to significantly reduce thier initial load and then follow up with solar and LED saving clients thousand of dollers per year on never ending electric bills while substantilly increasing property value.


Most of the projects we undertake pertain to Substation Work, Electrical Panels, Internal and External Electrification, LT & HT Cabling and Termination, Overhead Transmission Lines, Overhead Transmission Towers, Main and Sub-main Switch Boards, Earthing, Street Lighting, Flood Lighting, Lighting in Parks, Instrumentation System, Communication System, Fire Fighting System, Cable Design and Routing, Cable Tray and Trunking, Installation & Commissioning of Disel Sets, Transformers and UPS Sytems etc. Apart from these we also undertake Operation and Maintenance Works for Long Term Peformance. We have all measuring and test equipments required for inspection, calibration and testinf of installations at site.



  • Design and conceptualization based on customers conceptual design specification.
  • Preparation of bill of quantities, tendering.
  • preparation of detailed drawings, site set out.
  • Sourcing of materials.
  • marking and execution in accordance with design.
  • Obtain finished levels.
  • Evaluation and submission of progress report
  • Execution of planting schemes.
  • Total commissioning.